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    3 Ways to Make S’mores Indoors with a GE Gas Range for Toasted Marshmallow Day

    by May Fitzgerald

    3 Ways to Make S’mores Indoors with a GE Gas Range for Toasted Marshmallow Day

    3 Ways to Make S’mores Indoors

    S’mores are the pinnacle of camping trips. Sometimes it seems like the purpose of camping out is just to eat gooey and fluffy roasted marshmallows. But, have you ever thought about making s’mores inside your house?

    Before you shout “Blasphemy!” just think about it. You won’t get bit by hundreds of blood sucking mosquitos and there won’t be a need to continuously lather your body in sunblock.

    Plus, we aren’t asking you to start a bonfire in your living room. Just you and your GE gas range making magic. S’mores whenever you want? What a time to be alive.

    So, with that said, put your skewers down and get cooking with these easy oven-based s’mores!


    • Marshmallows

    • Chocolate bars

    • Graham Crackers

    • Nutella

    S’more in a pan

    Using the GE Range Oven

    Start off by preheating your GE Oven Broiler. That’s probably the most difficult task you’ll have to do. Making s’mores in a pan is so easy, a two-year-old could do it. Seriously.

    Take your pan and lay as many graham cracker squares as you want inside it. Put a piece of chocolate and then a marshmallow on top of each graham cracker square. Place the pan in the oven and when the marshmallows start looking golden brown, remove them. Place a square piece of graham cracker on the marshmallow and you instantly have the perfect s’more.

    Make it a pie

    Using the GE Range Oven

    If you’re feeling extra adventurous, turn your Toasty s’more into a yummy pie! Again, it’s a rather simple recipe, but one worth trying out. After turning your broiler on, take out a pie pan and slather Nutella at the bottom of it. Add marshmallows, stick it in the oven for a couple minutes, and it’s all set for dipping your graham crackers in!

    Stovetop bonfire

    Using the GE Gas Range Cooktop

    If you’re missing the camping life and want to make a s’more the “correct” way, you can always use one of the burners of your GE gas range. Use a skewer, or even a chopstick if you don’t have one, and place the marshmallow on the tip of it.

    3 Ways to Make S’mores Indoors with a GE Gas Range for Toasted Marshmallow Day

    You know how the rest goes: Toast your mallow to your desired level, put the melty goo ball on the graham cracker square, place a chocolate piece on top, and sandwich it perfectly with another graham cracker square.

    It may not be as exciting as making a s’more out in the wild, but at least the GE gas range doesn’t make your clothes smell like a smoky campfire.

    Have a favorite recipe? Tried something new? We would love to hear all about it! Stop by our store today and let us know how your indoor s’mores turned out.